posted by SuperUser Account - 5.01.13

How did the ordinary become great? What made them successful? Most would agree that there isn't one answer, no sure blueprint to becoming one of the greats of our lifetime. There are so many traits that intermingle in countless ways. Some are driven by challenges that created an inner durability. Others seized an opportunity and ran with it. Add in assorted combinations of natural talent, developed talent, ambition, perseverance, and inspirations and perhaps, with a little bit of luck, you create "Great".

Ah, but there is one important factor we forgot; one mandatory factor that everyone has but doesn't necessarily use. We can agree that all of the "Greats" have one thing in common - they never deviated from their true self. They know who they are - and they know who they are not.

For example, I'm a peanut (A very cool peanut mind you); I wake up every morning happy to be a peanut. I know I am never going to wake up as a pistachio or a cashew, no need to even compare myself to them. I am disliked by some and allergic to others! I don't pay them any mind though; I just brush my shell off and keep moving forward. My individuality speaks for itself.

This simple but hard to achieve concept lies behind Barcelona's success. We stick to being the best at what we do - producing great snacks! We have a snack to fulfill any craving you might have, and we don't feel the need to deviate from that. No, we have never gotten into producing nut pastes, nut flour (really!?!), nut butters, or nut pastries like some of those other brands. We have fine-tuned and perfected our core capabilities, offering you the best tasting snacks in the industry. Our excellence emerges through the barrage of other options.

Whatever kind of nut you may be - find yourself, be yourself, know yourself, and allow yourself to fall into greatness! That's how a mundane peanut became extraordinary; and that's how an ordinary snack food company became great.


P. Nut